Safi JOLLY JUNIOR S Mast Climbing Platform is vertical lifting platform base on the concept of Rack & Pinion mechanical movement it is also well known as automatic scaffolding or self scaffolding system, the way of lifting of the platform is the vertical column where the rack is fitted , The mast section in Jolly S is a square tube ( 1.5 H ) & hot galvanized to be strong enough for site climate, the same mast section could be interchangeable with other Safi machines like Jolly MC material builder, Jolly MCPC transport platform & Jolly S personnel & material elevator.

The mast climbing platform can be used to lift persons & material to the desire height in the structures, there is a lot of multitude of applications that can be done with Safi’s platforms as renovation herein some examples of SAFI’s Access Platform as :

– sand blasting access platform
– epoxy painting access platforms
– isolation works access platforms
– ship yard reparations lifting platforms
– dam maintenance climbing platforms
– chimney maintenance access platforms
– silos inspections platforms
– facades platforms
– glazing and coating access platforms
– shafts, stair cores and larger service ducts works platforms
– stone and metal facade cladding climbing platforms
– insulation, masonry works climbing platforms

The lightweight access platforms make in Safi the right solution for speed the works in the site, the main reason which makes in access climbing work platforms the right solution comparing with scaffolding are (Safety , fast , strong, flexible & simple to use) , the rack & pinion climbing work platform for sure provide a viable alternative for swing stages or cradles access platforms. The self erection system in the mast climbing work platform Jolly S make the installation easy and fast without the support of any tower crane where it will be build using the same platform, The lifting system in such platforms is the rack & pinion one, the lifting movement is based on the electric motors ( Made in Germany ).

Safi’s machines can be used in different standard configuration as single and twin column configurations, the same climbing platform can be also used in different special configurations such Angular, staggered, overhanging or receding (three columns and 4 columns) which depends to the project needs. Safi’s Jolly S platforms have different pay loads as per each configuration which will be as follow ; configuration Single column Double column Dimensions 3.71 m 5.30 m 14.89 m 16.33 m 17.76 m, Maximum load 400 kg 800 kg. The maximum height of such machine is 100 meter & the speed is between 8 m/m till 12 m/ m. Safi climbing platforms can be also provided to fit in lift shafts to accelerate installation of the civil elevators or to provide a solution for maintanance works in the shaft, the same climbing. Not to be forgetten that Safi’s mast climbing work platforms can offer:

• Time saving on assembly and working on site
• Less transportation costs
• Less covering space needed
• Less accidents comparable to standard scaffoldings system “static”
• More safety during work in height
• Convenient costs
• Safety and stability
• Low-effort,
• Low-risk
• Simple assembly
• Simple maintenance
• Space-saving transport and storage
• Simple & available spare parts
• Long life of the electric gear motors /drivers ( Germany made )