In addition to the overhaul of the construction site, the SAFI brand has an interesting range of 600 kg JUNIOR MC-PC platforms to 2000kg of the ZENITH MC-PC. This new type of lifting platform has been designed, designed and developed for the carriage of both goods and people with open cockpit.

Its main features are:
– Possibility to maneuver the machine by on-board command (with a maximum speed of 12 m / min) or, to lift only material, with a ground control panel and a call box from the planes at a speed around 24 m / min.
-facility to install since there is no classical protective fence foreseen for building lifts.
– the ability to use it as a hoist only but also as a lifting platform for people.
– great solution even in terms of price that is considerably cheaper than the classic building lift.
– ease of transport, handling and installation on site.

This type of machine, initially only appeared on the Italian market, is now being introduced throughout the European and worldwide market by taking a wide range of lifting market.
In the bicolumn version we can come up with the new VISION MC-PC model, up to a maximum capacity of 5000 kg.