Construction lifts – Industrial elevators – for people and materials

The SAFI pinion and rack construction lifts can be used both in the field of construction and in the industrial field.
Their hot galvanized steel structure is able to guarantee a high level of resistance even in very difficult working conditions. In addition, the simple lifting system during assembly makes this machine an excellent lifting system for both people and materials: Workers can perform all related procedures in complete safety. No need for tower cranes or mobile cranes, no need for civilian work, no need to build engine rooms like civil rope lifts. Construction lifts can be installed both inside and outside the wells.
The structure is modular and can also be used for different types of Safi machines, such as work platforms or transport platforms. They are made up of the following 6 essential components: vertical elements with a ground mounted lift / base cabin gearmotor with parachute brake pads closed cabin and outside protection to the base.


Save time when running projects
Savings on labor costs during project implementation phases
Quick delivery of project
Lower insurance costs
Work in full safety according to applicable regulations and rules


The wide range of SAFI models offers lifts with different flow rates: 500 kg. – 800 kg. – 1000 Kg – 1,500 kg. – 2000 kg. – 2,500 kg. – 3,000 kg.


The column consists of vertical trusses that are produced in various shapes and can therefore be triangular, squared or flat. Square sections can be used for both lifts in a cabin as well as for double cabin lifts. The racks can be welded or screwed by bolts.


The speed of the lifts is variable and depends on the model type: from 12m / min 38m / min 50m / min 60m / min up to 90m / min. Their production is carried out entirely in Italy by Safi and under the strict control of the engineering and manufacturing department that offer a high level of technology through the use of innovative tools.


SAFI lifts can be customized according to exact customer requirements and specifications. They can also be used and / or installed in temporary or permanent projects in the following applications:
– elevators for refineries
– chimney lifts
– lifts for grain industries
– storage lifts for various silos
– gas storage lifts
– elevators for offshore sites
– torchlight lifts
industrial lifts for industrial chimneys
– lifts for cooling systems
– mining lifts
– dam elevators

All categories of rack and pinion elevators can be manufactured according to international rules (ATEX) and BSI DD222 and European EN-81 (Explosion Test)