had got into a harem in India he had traveled on an elephant and now, in Russia, he wished to taste all the peculiarly Russian forms of pleasure. Vronsky, who was, as it were, chief maste.r of the ceremonies to him, was at great HP ATP - Server Solutions V2 pains to distribute all the Russian amusements suggested by various persons to the HP ATP - Server Solutions V2 it exam Prince. They had race horses, and Russian pancakes and bear hunts, and troikas, and gypsy choruses, and drinking orgies, with the Russian accompaniment of broken crockery. And the Prince, with surprising ease, fell in with the Russian spirit he smashed trays full of crockery, sat with a gypsy girl on his knee, and seemed to be asking What more Or does the whole Russian spirit consist in just this In reality, of all the Russian entertainments the Prince liked best French actresses, a ballet dancer, and white seal champagne. Vronsky was used to Princes, but, either because he had himself changed of late, or that he was in to.o close proximity to the Prince, that week seemed fearfully wearisome to him. The whole of that week he experienced unceasingly a sensation such as a man might have who has been put in charge of a dangerous madman, who is HP Certification afraid of the madman, and, at the same time, from being with him, fears for his own reason. Vronsky was continually conscious of the necessity of never for a second relaxing the tone of stern official respectfulness, so that he might not himself be

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