Explosion-proof transport platform & hoist

Designed to reach high levels of safety in hazardous areas, the explosion-proof transport platform and hoist produced by Safi (Italian company) with pinion technology and rack for lifting personnel and materials have been designed to meet your needs in case of heavy transport in dangerous environments.
A wide range of lifts and load capacities can provide our customers with efficient materials and personnel lifting in many areas such as offshore mobile platforms, wind turbines, gas and oil refineries, Silos GNL, chemical plants, cement plants, fertilizers and underground tunnels.
Fast and secure transport for workers and equipment at work sites can really mean a big difference due to the presence of high temperatures and heavy air due to hazardous gases, dust, or flammable liquid in some areas of work.
All transport platform and hoist are manufactured in line with the European Union and international regulations for ATEX and similar areas. Cabins and vertical elements can be developed according to customers’ needs and demands in order to obtain a high level of both performance and design reliability.
In order to ensure a high level of worker safety, Safi lifts can also offer solutions for an automatic descent without operator intervention in case of power shortages, firefight in the facility, health emergency for staff .
In the event of unforeseen changes in climate and / or wind, all these options can demonstrate our level of being able to provide practical solutions to our customers.