Safi and the complex architecture of City Life – Milan – Italy 

The development of SAFI mobile scaffolding goes hand in hand with the evolving of modern architecture. That’s why we have designed and produced special self-climbing structures with floor extensions that make it possible to work even in case of facade overhangs that are difficult to reach.

This applies to the complex architecture of some residences in the City Life district in Milan, a project designed by the great architect Zaha Adid.

Wall extensions exceed 4 meters at CITY LIFE Hadid Residence.

With our new system called “drawer system” you can work quickly and safely on uneven facades with remarkable protrusions since the use of mobile sliding platforms, inserted under the working surface of the platform, allows to place your feet on the extension in total safety even while it is being pulled outwards.

Pulling outwards and normal handling are then easier and the platforms can be extracted or folded at great heights, with no need to return to the ground.

These sliding platforms, have then been suitably reinforced to ensure the flatness of the working surface including the ends.