Personnel And Material Hoist SCAF AS

The AS stand for construction elevator for Personnel & Material use , the certified Elevators manufactured by SAFI in Italy can be used for Passenger & material.

The Scaf As hoist has a maximum capacity of 10 persons which means approx. 1000 kg between material & personnel load, Safi’s Builder hoist has a standard dimension of 2.00 x 1.30 meter & the height of 2.10 meter, The medium dimension of the Builder hoist Scaf As makes it a good solution for a quick access system with light capacity which can be installed in industrial & construction sectors, The elevator has an economic line of costs with a solid structure in the design e components which can be manufactured according with client needs & specifications. The Builder lift has an innovative design which meets all CE safety requirements for working in safety. The rack and pinion system in such machines gives the possibility to reach the maximum height of 250 meters. The industrial elevator has a triangular mast section, controlled be electric motors made in Germany with a standard speed of 30 m/m & can be operated in different climate ( from – 40 till +55 )
Colour , Speed, dimensions & entrance & exit doors can be customised as per client needs & requests.

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Maximum height (m) 180
Type of Vertical element Triangular section mast
Height of vertical element 1492
Weight of vertical element (daN) 49,8
Max. height without anchorage points (m) 6,0
Max. distance between anchorage points (m) 6,0
Total maximum capacity (daN) 1000
N° of people allowed 10
N° of motor reducers per motor unit 2
Rack module 6
Motor power per motor group (kW) 5,5
Power supply (V) 230/400
Power supply (Hz) 50
Current absorption for elevation IN (A) 2×11,25
Starting current for elevation IA/IN 6,0
Max. elevation speed (m/min) 30,0
Max. configuration base weight (daN) 1750

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