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SAFI brand has been in the market of access equipment for nearly 50 years and offers a wide range of rack and pinions systems such as mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms , hoists and material hoists, all of them driven by SIEMENS electric motors.

The wide range of SAFI brand includes standard solutions with various lengths and heights for mast climbing platforms as well as several payloads and heights for transport platforms, material hoists , passenger and material hoists.

SAFI, thanks to the many years’experience of its owner Mr. Fiorenzo Sartor, is able to meet any special request where the type of application requires an accurate study and an unique design solution fitting a specific work or installation.

SAFI has been providing for over 50 years a solution to any kind of problem!


SAFI products find their major use in the following applications:

  • positioning and transport work at high levels
  • restructuring and construction of buildings
  • renovation of façades
  • balconies and roofs
  • installation of curtain walls
  • installation of glass façade
  • overhauling and construction of ships
  • maintenance work on industrial plants
  • special uplifting solutions in hoist shafts
  • material hoists for storage warehouses
  • overhauling work on piles of viaducts and bridges
  • permanent hoists in fixed plant

Labour time savings and installation costs

The modular set up, ease and speed of assembly and installation allow on-site savings in terms of time and labor costs.

The use of mast climbing platforms, for example, when compared to traditional scaffoldings gives savings up to 70% on the facade works, due to the rapid movement of working plan , reduced assembly times and therefore higher performance of operators.

Similarly passenger and material hoists or material hoists, if compared to the classic building crane, ensure a considerable time saving on construction and renovation thanks to the fast handling of the materials, high loading capacity and lower operating cost .

Both hoists and material hoists are often used where the crane fails to operate.


Safety at work is an issue which cannot be overlooked. Using mast climbing work platforms and site hoists means maximum possible level of personnel safety currently obtainable. There are no suspended loads and the operator is always in a secure and protected position, while the work can be carried out as safely as possible and never in an unnatural position.

In addition, the use of mast climbing work platforms for façade restoration work can offer more security and safety of blocks. Contrary to the traditional systems, the platform does not cover the façade of the building and does not allow access to would-be burglars or acts of vandalism.

SAFI Products simplicity and easy use

SAFI products are the result of wide experience in construction and their differences from other competitors’products are:

– Use of German Siemens motors. Motors reliability is one of the most important aspects for the duration of the machine over time.

– Higher solidity of materials and components. All models are manufactured in-house at our factory and then the entire quality control process is done by SAFI staff itself..

– Ease of assembly. The modularity allows ease and fast assembly hardly comparable with other similar products in the market.

– Reliability. The electromechanical control panels makes the machines easy to use and simple to maintain. Safi can also offer an additional machine-control device through the PLC system.

– Excellent service. Through distributors or directly from Italy, SAFI can solve any technical problem, and the warehouse is always ready for a prompt customer service and spare parts deliveries wherever necessary.

Safi can reach goals which are unreachable to others.

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