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Almost 50 years ago, in 1961, Mr. Fiorenzo Sartor, founder of Safi, launched in the market the first mast climbing work platform which combined the vertical movement of a structure with the effect of the rotation of a pinion.

In 1973 SAFI successfully exhibited at the fair in Bologna and since then it is a world leader in the field of rack and pinion lifting systems. SAFI Access systems are used in solving the most varied and complex problems: to ascend dizzy heights along the viaducts, dam walls, façades of skyscrapers, in the shipyards, for maintenance of architectural structures ,installation of curtain walls and so on. The mast climbing platform has the nature of a “Universal” machine, and its basic principle can engage new and unexpected application as experience teaches and as SAFI has demonstrated.

Today SAFI products are everywhere. In Italy where SAFI covers the majority of national demand, and increasingly abroad: Europe, East Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East, Asia . The technical assistance is given to clients by organizing courses and seminars to train personnel on site creating the necessary know-how meant to solve at least some of the most frequent problems.

The first workshop is still in Cornuda (Tv) –North East of Italy, while the new production plant with the Technical and Product development office is in Pederobba. A story, the one of Fiorenzo Sartor, full of important awards and certificates of Merit not only in Italy, including the honour of Cavaliere del Lavoro, but also abroad . Nonetheless some of these recognitions are outside his business success and relate to a more personal area of strong commitments both in sport and social works.
Fiorenzo Sartor is now firmly at the helm of his company coordinating a team of area managers, engineers, technicians, assemblers, office staff and workers and offering the experience and knowledge gained in the field.

A precious experience we are always ready to provide to all companies in need of a solution from SAFI. Our story of today is to serve our clients for their challenges of tomorrow.

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