Mast Climbing Work Platforms, material hoists and industrial elevator construction

Safi is the Italian leader in the production of mast climbing work platforms single and twin mast, material hoists and elevator construction.  Our products are customized to client specifications, providing a comprehensive service. Thanks to our distribution network, we operate in all the countries of the world.

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Mast climbing work platform single mast

Based on the rack and pinion technology, our mast climbing work platforms can be suitable for vertical transport of both personnel and materials on a construction site, and it can be quickly assembled and dismantled.

Mast climbing work platform twin mast

Our Mast Climbing Work Platforms are certified in compliance with the latest European directives. Therefore all SAFI models follow the safety standards set by obtaining the European certification of international and Italian bodies with the related CE marking.

Material hoists

The flexible, solid and simple design makes SAFI material hoist an equipment suitable for all vertical access especially for scaffolding works. Workers can load and unload material from the ground to high floors.

Transport platforms

he MC/PC abbreviation stand for transport climbing platform, the certified access platforms manufactured by SAFI in Italy can be used for lifting material and personnel by a ground or on board command.

Atex Elevators (explosion proof)

We realize explosion proof elevators for construction sites comply with Atex Directive for areas at risk of explosion. We have more models that fit and any type of requirement.

Permanent lifts

Permanent lifts can be used both in construction and industrial field: the structure of the construction elevators is made of hot galvanized steel which guarantees a high level resistance under site hard conditions.

Special platform for tunnels

The Tunnel Platform TST 500 is used primarily for cladding works and insulation in new built tunnels and maintenance of older tunnels allowing normal traffic flow.

Special Applications

SAFI, manufacturer of mast climbing platforms, material hoists, transport platforms and hoists is specialized in the creation of customized solutions to meet the largest demands of restoration and construction

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